1- A Gateway Into the ASEAN Market

The ASEAN region has been one of the fastest growing in the world. With a large market base and a pro-business environment, Malaysia is ideal to bring nations together to do business. MISE 2020 is the market place for the global AIoT and Industrial 4.0.

2- Generate Sales Leads 

At an exhibition you can obtain leads which are of much higher quality than anywhere else. You are amongst people who are attending that specific show because they are interested or involved in the industry you work in. Key decision makers will be visiting your stand and will be in a buying mode.

3- Build Your Database

The leads generated allow you to build your potential client database for future communications including follow-ups, feedback and marketing research.

4- Present Your Products Face-To-Face

No other form of marketing offers the same experience as exhibiting. Your exhibition stand is effectively your shop floor, and you have the visitor’s full attention. It’s your chance to make a big impression on hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients, and demonstrate or sell your products in a live environment. 

5- Close Deals With New Customers During The Show

At a trade show, you’re dealing with prospective customers that are there solely to find good deals.

Unlike traditional outbound marketing, in which rejection is the norm, trade shows are one of the few environments in which your sales team benefits from an audience of prospective customers that are genuinely interested in buying your products and services.

6- Strengthen And Establish Your Brand

Trade shows are one of the few environments where you have the same amount of access to prospective customers as your larger competitors do. This makes them a valuable opportunity not just for direct sales and marketing, but for strengthening your brand and positioning your business as a leader in its industry.

7- Learn About New Developments In Your Industry

Trade shows are a place for businesses to announce and display their latest innovations and developments – often developments that can have major effects on your industry as a whole.

8- Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing Right

Exhibiting at a trade show allows you to observe what your competitors are doing right and apply their tactics to your own business.

Great businesses are aware of their competitors, and trade shows are one of the best opportunities to connect with competitors and understand their sales strategy, their pricing, and the reasons for their success.

9- Rapidly Expand Your Database Of Sales Leads

While skimming through the phone book might give you thousands of unqualified phone numbers, nothing gives you qualified leads quite like a trade show.

The prospective customers that you’ve personally connected with – a number that you could never hope to reach using outbound sales calls. This gives your sales team a valuable resource to market your products or services to while you focus on fulfilling the deals that you’ve closed during the show.

10- Optimise Your Sales And Lead Generation Strategy

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to expose your sales team to hundreds of different prospects in a short period. 

If you want to test and optimise your lead generation strategy, you’ll find no better place than a trade show.

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